Why I have chose this lifestyle

img_2665What led me to start living a plant based lifestyle? The answer is ethical considerations, which I will explain as I tell you where I started from and how I got to where I am today.

So to begin, I was always that person who would say that they loved animals so much yet would still consume the meat of innocent animals on my dinner plate each night. I used to believe that I could never go without eating meat because I was such a picky eater, I was wrong. I really started questioning my ethics about a year ago after a lot of the YouTubers I watch started talking about veganism in their videos. Watching people talk about the treatment of animals and the whole idea of veganism really touched me. The talk about this life style got me thinking how as kids are parents would teach us that all animals need to be treated with respect, yet would feed us the meat of animals each day without question. This thought didn’t sit well with me and made me cringe at the thought of eating meat for a couple of months. Within those couple of months I honestly avoided meat but would end up eating meat when I went out to dinner with people because I hadn’t told any one how I felt about all of this yet.

June 2016 comes around, I get back from my vacation in Mexico and I decide that I will no longer contribute to the exploitation of animals for my taste buds. I was finally going to go vegetarian. So at the end of June I started officially became a vegetarian. I had made the decision to start as a vegetarian because I was selfish and thought I couldn’t do without ice cream. Being where I am now this idea sounds so dumb to me but was a legitimate reason for me for over about four and a half months. Ice cream was literally the only thing that was keeping me from trying to go vegan, I had already stopped eating cheese, eggs and milk. I practically stopped drinking milk right when I went vegetarian because the thought that the milk in my fridge was milk that was deprived from a poor calf made me sick, yet I couldn’t find it in my heart to break up with ice cream. Well eventually my heart and my stomach gave up on ice cream together because the guilt finally got to me along with the stomach aches. Granted I would only eat ice cream in social situations whenever I did after not having milk in my body for so long my stomach would hate me and quite frankly I don’t blame it.

Being where I am now with this lifestyle change and all that I have learned about the effects that animal products have on the human body, I can’t help but laugh when people asked me if I would ever eat meat again. This question just seems so odd to me and I think that is because when I stopped eating meat there was never a day that I thought how much I would miss meat because doing the moral and right thing meant more to me. Making this change in my life was not drastic at all, but for a lot of people in my family I feel that they think it was for me. There is not a reason for me to go back to the way I was, when I feel as good as I do now. Plus, there’s vegan ice cream and morally I could never go back to consuming animals because I choose compassion over my taste buds any day.



6 thoughts on “Why I have chose this lifestyle”

  1. It’s interesting to see that you use the word compassion to describe the driving force behind your decision to go vegan. So many people have watched the same YouTube videos or documentaries, and haven’t changed their eating lifestyle, so I guess it’d be interesting to see what specifics in these videos made you change.


    1. Interesting point about others watching the same videos and not changing their lifestyles. I like your point about sharing the specifics of these videos that made me change, I will definitely consider this for posts in the future.


  2. Great story-telling about your transition to this lifestyle. I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about the process but more on how they feel afterwards so it was an interesting read on that part.


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