All Good, All Vegan answers questions about Veganism

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you my thoughts on a blog post done by Hannah from All Good, All Vegan. I recently came across Hannah’s blog and naturally started checking out what her blog was about. When I was looking through her blog, I came across the post “Questions You Might Have About Veganism…” In this post, Hannah tackles commonly asked questions by people transitioning to veganism or people just genuinely interested, in veganism in a way that caught my attention. With her responses Hannah is so authentic, giving her honest opinion mixed in with advice.

The reassuring nature that Hannah emits in her answer to “Can I keep my old leather stuff?” intrigued me because recently I have been pondering this question myself. I have a pair of leather L. L. Bean winter boots that my mom got me for Christmas a year ago before I was plant-based, every time I wear these boots now I feel guilty. Reading Hannah’s response gave me a sense of comfort as she reasons that it is practical to use things you already own and not let them go to waste. This point she made, made me feel so relieved because for the past couple of months I have been harshly judging myself about this even though I know I make the consious effort to buy things that are vegan now.

The question of “What can I feed my cats and dogs?” made me laugh because earlier this week I thought of this as I gave both my dog and cat treats. Hannah’s advice about how to tell your family about being vegan is something I wish I would have read before I told my family. I remember being calm when I told my immediate family, but became defensive when other people in my family started asking about why I felt this change was necessary.

Hannah’s well thought out responses to various questions regarding the vegan lifestyle is someting I think anyone intersted in veganism should read, as Hannah articulates her opinons and her knowledge in a clear, down-to-earth way.


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