Odd things that aren’t Vegan

When I first started learning about the vegan lifestyle there are several foods and ingredients that to my surprise were not vegan.

For starters I was shocked that marshmallows are not vegan, that they actually contain gelatin, which is derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones. So, if its gelatin that makes marshmallows not vegan, other products and foods that have gelatin in them are typically not vegan as well. A few of these other products are cakes, puddings, candies, shampoos, yogurt, pharmaceuticals (as coatings and as capsules), and photography (on film). (Just to add there are vegan marshmallows available on the market.)marshmallows-788771_960_720

This next thing is something I would have never expected as not being vegan, vitamin D. Hold up I know you’re thinking what is she talking about, let me explain. Vitamin D comes from two places: our bodies produce it after sunlight exposure and we take it in from foods and supplements. Vitamin D is found naturally only in a few foods, so it is added to foods such as fortified soy milk, fortified juice, fortified breakfast cereals, cow’s milk, and margarine. Soy milk is typically fortified with vitamin D2 which is the vegan form of the vitamin. However, cereals, juices, and margarine are fortified with vitamin Dwhich is derived from sheep’s wool. I’ve noticed that a lot of fortified cereals will not specify the form of vitamin D so it is sometimes best to assume its Dor contact the company.
Assorted Cereal

White sugar, yes sugar can you believe this isn’t vegan either. Okay not all sugar isn’t vegan, but a good amount of it still isn’t because it is processed with bon char which is made from the bones of cattle.

When it comes to tortillas some can contain lard, which obviously makes them not vegan, but there is a good majority of tortilla brands that don’t use lard.

To my surprise some beers and wines are not vegan either. They are clarified using gelatin, isinglass (fish bladders), bone marrow and casein (protein found in all mammal milk). To check out if your favorite alcoholic beverages are vegan or not I suggest looking at barnivore.com.

The short list that I made here are just the things that surprised me as not being vegan, there are way more products and foods on the market that are not vegan. With that said I suggest doing further research to make sure you’re in the clear.


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