Four of my Favorite YouTuber’s

fruit prettyCurious about how others are spreading the message about veganism? A popular way I have noticed has been through YouTube videos. In the past few years, a lot of the YouTuber’s I watch have become vegan. Hearing them talk about this lifestyle change in such a positive way, motivated me to learn more about the topics they were discussing in their videos and ultimately led me to make this change in my own life. With that said I want to share with you some of my favorite YouTuber’s that inspire me with the hopes that they inspire or at least give you some yummy recipes to try out! 

Tess Begg, she is a vegan YouTuber from Australia who makes “What I eat in a Day” videos and vegans generally centered around vegan meal ideas. Along with these videos Tess will include fitness videos that feature the all the different work outs she does. She also has

Kalyn Nicholson, she is one of the first YouTuber’s that introduced me to veganism. On her channel she shares meal ideas, along with beauty and fashion videos which include cruelty free makeup and ethical clothing hauls.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram otherwise known as FullyRawKristina, posts lifestyle videos and recipes centered around a raw vegan diet.

Ellen Fisher, is a vegan mom who on her channel shares videos about her vegan family. A lot of her videos will be centered around eating raw, and raising children on a raw diet. She has quite a few advice videos for vegan moms where she shares what she eats when she is breastfeeding, along with environmental friendly baby products.

I hope you check these YouTuber’s out! I consciously tried to share with you vegan YouTuber’s that have different content on their channels. I hope one of the four YouTuber’s I mentioned match you interests of either fashion, fitness, motherhood and living raw vegan.


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