Imperfection With My Vegan Diet

IMG_4713Imperfection. My vegan diet is one big imperfection.

Recently, I noticed that I don’t eat the most nutrient rich meals. This realization came about when I went to my boyfriend’s house and his mom asked me how I was doing with my “vegan diet.” As an immediate response, I said that it’s been going well and that I feel really good. She then asked what I like to eat. And I hesitated.

Ahhh…broccoli, carrots, fruit, oatmeal, soups, pasta, soy burgers and I continued but the list was very short. I realized that I am extremely lazy. I literally eat the same foods all the time. My boyfriend’s mom probably thinks I am idiot and am lacking protein.

I mean I don’t really blame her if she does. My issue though is that I am lazy, I watch all these YouTube videos about “Vegan Meal Ideas” so I know what kind of meals I can make for myself but I just choose to be lazy. Realizing this laziness was just a hindrance to my health I figured I should start cooking the good foods I’ve had in my cabinet. Quinoa and beans oh yes!

Over my break from school I took the initiative and got my butt in gear. I made myself some quinoa and chick peas, broccoli and a soy burger. And it was great! I then made some homemade vegetable soup with my mom. Which to my surprise was very tasty!

Focusing more on getting my nutrients with my meals, I’ve had less cravings. Also, I don’t find myself binging at night to get those calories like I usually always was. Honestly, I can say I’ve felt better overall.

But it doesn’t stop here. I still have a lot of improving to do. More real food. What I mean by that is making my own black bean burgers instead of relying on soy burgers.

I am actually going to start doing the recipes that I learn in all these YouTube videos. And while I am at it I’ll start breaking in my vegan recipe book as well. Nutrients and vitamins here I come.

Stay tuned for some healthy vegan recipes soon! Beans, greens and legumes! Yum!


4 thoughts on “Imperfection With My Vegan Diet”

  1. Love this, and also a great reminder. I typically eat a wide variety of plant foods, but have been lazier lately and have been buying more vegan junk food because my non vegan boyfriend enjoys it more.

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