Some Vegan Good Eaten

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Four Vegan Meals to get you through your day!

Everyday Plantbased share’s with you a Blueberry Oat Breakfast Cookie that will fuel your body with plant-based ingredients. Cookies for breakfast? That’s right! These are healthy cookies that you can have any time of the day really and not just at breakfast time. A plus that comes with making these cookies is as Nicole (the creator) said “There’s no hidden nasties in these beautiful cookie.”

Ready for a lunch idea? I know I am. Bella at Vegan Supreme presents a black bean pattie recipe that will surely fill you up! Bella recognizes that there are various bases that can be used to make a veggie burger, but nothing seems to beat the bean burger. Not only is this burger filling but it’s also easy to make and cheap. Talk about a triple threat!

Time for dinner? How about Jyoti Love Cook’s recipe for chickpea and sweet potato stew with quinoa? This flavorful dish combines broccoli, curry, sweet potatoes, chick peas, and quinoa all in one pot. Liv the creator of this stew, advises that you can break away from the vegetables that she used and use ones that you may prefer. She also adds that her omnivore fiance who is hard to please when it comes to plant-based creations loves this recipe, so don’t be afraid to try this even if you’re not vegan!

How about a healthy dessert now? Aleyda over on her blog The Dish on Healthy shares a delicious chocolate chia seed pudding! This recipe combines chocolate with the chia, the nutritional power house as Aleyda says. Sharing with the reader her personal experience with cooking healthy meals for herself, Aleyda tries to stress to the reader that the excuse of having no time doesn’t fly because this recipe takes literally 5 minutes to make and then sits in the fridge overnight.



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