How to Approach the Topic of Veganism with Loved Ones

Photo credit: Shutterstock

In her blog post Vegan Frustration, Lavender Lucy expresses her frustration about wanting her loved ones to be informed yet not wanting to create a hindrance within the relationship. I get this. It makes sense. Often people can misunderstand your reasoning and take what you are saying as criticism and ridicule to their lifestyle. The thing is that most people don’t like being told what they should and shouldn’t be eating, and so their defense mechanisms will come out. I know it, I’ve seen and experienced it myself. What I think needs to happen to avoid this, is taking a calm and informative approach like Ruby does in her blog post Osteoporosis & why milk doesn’t give you calcium when people discuss touchy subjects with their family or friends.

In her blog post, Ruby discusses milk and how the idea of dairy being good for you is conditioned by society. And by society I mean food companies, media, and even some of our doctors. Ruby goes on to explain that she is relaying this information for the sole reason of people’s health. She tries to unravel the truth in a very honest, yet not pushy manner. She provides the information in a way that makes the audience consider what she is saying.

Taking this kind of approach in Lavender Lucy’s case I think might be helpful. Informing her family and friends about the false information they are being fed by companies, could potentially make them more open to changing or even just be more understanding of veganism.

Lavender Lucy said in her post, that she doesn’t get how her family can look at a glass of milk and not see the suffering that goes in to making it. She then says later that the change comes within and the idea to go vegan needs to be their own idea. I get that and respect that, but what if vegans helped their families become informed in civil manners. By explaining things calmly and not being pushy, maybe Lucy’s family would start to see that glass of milk as lies and maybe even as a cup of torture in the future.

Instead of looking at our loved ones and saying they support murder and rape, saying that they are being lied to by greedy companies may spark their interest to change. Becoming aware of the absurdity of what is hidden behind their eating habits and the lies they are being told can be more effective in helping people make a change. As vegans we are aware of what is going on in the food industry, so it is our job to be the bridge for our family and friends to becoming aware as well.


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