See you soon

Hello everyone, currently my life is a little hectic. I am going through finals and then after that its on to graduation. I wanted to let you all know given that I will be pretty busy within the up coming weeks I am unsure when I will be back to posting. So if it is a while before you see my name pop up in your reader again don’t be alarmed. I don’t intend on deserting this blog, but rather take this as a break. 

I have really enjoyed sharing my thoughts in the vegan community. It has been rewarding to interact with others about a topic we are so passionate about. I don’t know many vegans personally so this blog has been interesting in the sense that I got to connect with like-minded individuals. Reading the feedback from others, sharing my thoughts and favorite recipes each week has been something I have looked forwarded to doing. I want to thank you all for reading my posts and offering me a safe space to share my thoughts.

Within the time that I will be absent, I recommend you all check out Ellen Fisher’s blog . She has wonderful content on her blog that I am sure will interest a lot of you. If you’re curious about how she manages a vegan lifestyle while living in Hawaii with her two little boys and husband then give that link a click.

It’s been great my friends, I hope to be back soon but until then see you later! (:


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