Some Vegan Good Eaten

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Four Vegan Meals to get you through your day!

Everyday Plantbased share’s with you a Blueberry Oat Breakfast Cookie that will fuel your body with plant-based ingredients. Cookies for breakfast? That’s right! These are healthy cookies that you can have any time of the day really and not just at breakfast time. A plus that comes with making these cookies is as Nicole (the creator) said “There’s no hidden nasties in these beautiful cookie.” Continue reading “Some Vegan Good Eaten”


Imperfection With My Vegan Diet

IMG_4713Imperfection. My vegan diet is one big imperfection.

Recently, I noticed that I don’t eat the most nutrient rich meals. This realization came about when I went to my boyfriend’s house and his mom asked me how I was doing with my “vegan diet.” As an immediate response, I said that it’s been going well and that I feel really good. She then asked what I like to eat. And I hesitated. Continue reading “Imperfection With My Vegan Diet”

Single Story About Veganism

Do you think this calf wanted to be separated from its mother?

When I first told two of my friends this past summer that I was a vegetarian but would soon be transitioning to veganism, I got the response that probably every vegan has got ins some form of another. One of my friends looked at me and said “Don’t go vegan, vegans are so annoying.” After she said this I wasn’t mad because I knew that she only knows one side of vegans, the side that people try to criticize and make jokes about. Trying to brush her comment off I responded by saying, “They’re not annoying they are passionate.” Continue reading “Single Story About Veganism”

Four of my Favorite YouTuber’s

fruit prettyCurious about how others are spreading the message about veganism? A popular way I have noticed has been through YouTube videos. In the past few years, a lot of the YouTuber’s I watch have become vegan. Hearing them talk about this lifestyle change in such a positive way, motivated me to learn more about the topics they were discussing in their videos and ultimately led me to make this change in my own life. With that said I want to share with you some of my favorite YouTuber’s that inspire me with the hopes that they inspire or at least give you some yummy recipes to try out!  Continue reading “Four of my Favorite YouTuber’s”

Whole Wheat Waffles

Today, I decided to have breakfast for lunch and made myself some whole wheat waffles. Figuring that everyone loves quick easy breakfast ideas I wanted to go ahead and share this five step recipe. For anyone that is curious I got this recipe from my “Vegan CookBook for Beginners” if you just became vegan I suggest you check out this cookbook as it has informative nutrition information at the start of the book and obviously has lots of yummy recipes inside.


What this recipe calls for: (this recipe serves 4) Continue reading “Whole Wheat Waffles”

Odd things that aren’t Vegan

When I first started learning about the vegan lifestyle there are several foods and ingredients that to my surprise were not vegan.

For starters I was shocked that marshmallows are not vegan, that they actually contain gelatin, which is derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones. So, if its gelatin that makes marshmallows not vegan, other products and foods that have gelatin in them are typically not vegan as well. A few of these other products are cakes, puddings, candies, shampoos, yogurt, pharmaceuticals (as coatings and as capsules), and photography (on film). (Just to add there are vegan marshmallows available on the market.)marshmallows-788771_960_720 Continue reading “Odd things that aren’t Vegan”

All Good, All Vegan answers questions about Veganism

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you my thoughts on a blog post done by Hannah from All Good, All Vegan. I recently came across Hannah’s blog and naturally started checking out what her blog was about. When I was looking through her blog, I came across the post “Questions You Might Have About Veganism…” In this post, Hannah tackles commonly asked questions by people transitioning to veganism or people just genuinely interested, in veganism in a way that caught my attention. With her responses Hannah is so authentic, giving her honest opinion mixed in with advice. Continue reading “All Good, All Vegan answers questions about Veganism”