How to Approach the Topic of Veganism with Loved Ones

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In her blog post Vegan Frustration, Lavender Lucy expresses her frustration about wanting her loved ones to be informed yet not wanting to create a hindrance within the relationship. I get this. It makes sense. Often people can misunderstand your reasoning and take what you are saying as criticism and ridicule to their lifestyle. The thing is that most people don’t like being told what they should and shouldn’t be eating, and so their defense mechanisms will come out. I know it, I’ve seen and experienced it myself. What I think needs to happen to avoid this, is taking a calm and informative approach like Ruby does in her blog post Osteoporosis & why milk doesn’t give you calcium when people discuss touchy subjects with their family or friends. Continue reading “How to Approach the Topic of Veganism with Loved Ones”


Being Vegan as a College Student

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As we know I am new at this, but nonetheless I wanted to share some things that I do as a college student that help me out. Whether you are trying to eat healthier or are trying to go vegan these things I may help you as well. Continue reading “Being Vegan as a College Student”

Chickpea & Quinoa Patties

IMG_4743Okay, I’ll be honest I am not the best cook. I may or may not have set the smoke alarm off at my house last night making these chickpea and quinoa patties. But none the less they were still filling and I wanted to share them with you. Continue reading “Chickpea & Quinoa Patties”

Some Vegan Good Eaten

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Four Vegan Meals to get you through your day!

Everyday Plantbased share’s with you a Blueberry Oat Breakfast Cookie that will fuel your body with plant-based ingredients. Cookies for breakfast? That’s right! These are healthy cookies that you can have any time of the day really and not just at breakfast time. A plus that comes with making these cookies is as Nicole (the creator) said “There’s no hidden nasties in these beautiful cookie.” Continue reading “Some Vegan Good Eaten”

Imperfection With My Vegan Diet

IMG_4713Imperfection. My vegan diet is one big imperfection.

Recently, I noticed that I don’t eat the most nutrient rich meals. This realization came about when I went to my boyfriend’s house and his mom asked me how I was doing with my “vegan diet.” As an immediate response, I said that it’s been going well and that I feel really good. She then asked what I like to eat. And I hesitated. Continue reading “Imperfection With My Vegan Diet”

Four of my Favorite YouTuber’s

fruit prettyCurious about how others are spreading the message about veganism? A popular way I have noticed has been through YouTube videos. In the past few years, a lot of the YouTuber’s I watch have become vegan. Hearing them talk about this lifestyle change in such a positive way, motivated me to learn more about the topics they were discussing in their videos and ultimately led me to make this change in my own life. With that said I want to share with you some of my favorite YouTuber’s that inspire me with the hopes that they inspire or at least give you some yummy recipes to try out!  Continue reading “Four of my Favorite YouTuber’s”

To Those Who Assume That Plant-Based = Doom


The most common comment and assumption that I received when I first went vegetarian and continue to hear now being plant-based are: “You won’t be getting the amount of protein you need to be healthy without meat” and “You are going to become protein deficient.”

Hearing both things will cause me to either roll my eyes or nod in gratification out of sarcasm, because I have a low tolerance for people who speak on things that they don’t know enough about to pass judgement and make assumptions. But, anyways instead of just taking these comments and assumptions as annoyances I try to educate the ignorance these people speak to me with out of them. Just as I do with people who make these comments I want to share with you my opinions and the little knowledge I have acquired that show you can still in fact get the protein you need on a plant-based diet, if not in a healthier way.

Where to get protein beyond a meat source:

For starters, I would like to say that I find it to be a common misconception that we need massive amounts of protein to be healthy. We in fact actually only need about 18 to 60 grams of protein a day. The amount of protein you need usually depends on your weight and activity level.

Continue reading “To Those Who Assume That Plant-Based = Doom”